Monday, April 5, 2010

Organic Leadership

With the addition of many new organic and untreated vegetable seed varieties to our catalog this past season, we thought it would make sense to find an individual that could head up this ever growing department. We were very fortunate.

Last year, a young lady from Iowa came to our area and went to work in our call center. She was wonderful with customers. We soon learned she was an integral part of a successful sustainable vegetable growing operation for many years in Iowa. Her knowledge of organic production and varieties was very impressive. Needless to say, she soon became a part of our marketing department.

Her name is Solveig Hanson, and we are delighted to have her on our team. She has been immersed in plug and liner customer service duties all season, but as soon as the activity comes to an end, she will take over her new role as manager of the organic and untreated seed department.

Sometime this summer she will publish her first newsletter dedicated to the needs of organic and sustainable growers. It will be full of helpful tips and information. Please watch for it.

In addition, she will fill a leadership role in finding new organic and untreated vegetable varieties to add to our product line. Her knowledge of the marketplace will be invaluable.

The Harris Seeds Company is committed to supporting the organic marketplace and we believe Solveig is just the person to get the job done…welcome Solveig!

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