Monday, February 29, 2016

Start Gardening Now…If You Have the Time!

To be quite honest, many home gardeners prefer to skip down to their local garden center in early spring to buy transplants for their garden beds. It is convenient and easy, and I do not blame them for doing so. But for me, I truly receive great pleasure in starting my own transplants at home. For one, I always am assured of planting the varieties of my choice, and not have to depend on what the garden center has to offer for any particular season. I surely have some favorites I like to grow, and I cannot always be assured I can find them in the big box or local garden center.

Secondly, starting plants from seeds in my basement allows me to get a jump on the rewards of gardening much earlier in the season. I garden because I like to do so, so why not start the process in February or March? Starting seeds at home may sound like a lot of work, but it does not have to be an intimidating procedure.  Following some very simple seed starting rules and guidelines can surely lead you down the garden path for success. The combination of a suitable location, proper bottom heat, light and moisture will quickly turn your thumb green. Seasoned gardeners already know the rules, but for beginning gardeners, I always suggest starting modestly, with some easy-to-grow flowers and vegetables like tomatoes and marigolds. As you become familiar with the process, you then can turn to some more difficult cultivars to start from seed like geraniums.

Guidelines for seed starting abound, from the web to home garden catalogs. There are so many good resources for seed starting that it is really quite difficult to fail. I can speak confidently about the many home garden catalogs available for seed starting information. They have always been a good, positive source. You can also learn the basics of seed starting through our Seed Starting Seminar for Beginners, an audio and visual PowerPoint presentation.

Give seed starting a try…you might be surprised how much fun and rewarding it truly is. If you have questions and need some answers, write us at: