Thursday, December 23, 2010

Worm Power is ready to go…

We have busted our butts this fall to get our new OMRI approved earthworm fertilizer ready for shipment for the first of January. Although it was an uphill battle at times, the effort has been more than worth it. All sizes are now on the shelf and ready for shipment.

The Harris Seeds company has been very fortunate to work with a group as innovative and forward-thinking as the team at Worm Power. We are even more fortunate to be participating on the ground floor of Worm Power’s introduction to the national marketplace. We believe that home gardeners, professional bedding plant growers, and professional vegetable growers will find this product to be exceptional for plant growth and vigor. Conventional growers can use it as an alternative to conventional synthetic fertilizers, while organic growers will find Worm Power to be a highly effective component of their plant care system.

Greenhouse growers and vegetable growers alike are seeking sustainability in their operations, and they are widely using Worm Power as a high performing seed-starting and transplant fertilizer. University laboratory research has also proved that Worm Power is effective in suppressing Pythium “damping off” in cucumber. Ongoing research is exploring these natural disease-suppressive properties further, and we are truly excited to see the results.

Surveys tell us that most home gardeners prefer to use organic methods, and Worm Power is a perfect fit. It is odorless and certified organic, looks and feels like ground coffee, and is safe to use around kids and pets. Worm Power may be used on indoor house plants, in potting mixes, for transplanting, and for general application in containers and garden beds.

When all is said and done, Worm Power not only produces stronger, healthier, organically grown flowers and vegetables, but it also ultimately improves your soil. University tested and grower approved, Worm Power is a truly exciting introduction for growers and gardeners nationwide.

We encourage you to try Worm Power this season…we think you’ll be impressed!