Friday, March 29, 2013

A personal opinion…

Although there are many excellent sweet corn varieties available to the consumer today, I have my personal favorite. Our Mr. Mini Mirai is my hands down favorite and for many reasons:
  • I do not think you can find any other variety that will be sweeter and more tender than Mr. Mini Mirai, the desert corn. Sweetness, or sugar, in any vegetable is measured with the brix scale. For any sweet corn variety that approaches a 20 number on the brix scale, you will have one that has top of the chart sugars. Couple this with exceptional tenderness and you have a complete eating package.
  • The size of each ear is quite unusual. Ears average only 5.5" in length, but it is packed with tender, juicy kernels. I believe there is as much corn on each ear of Mr. Mini Mirai as there is on longer varieties. Bottom line, it fits on a plate. In my opinion, the restaurant trade should be all over this one as it has a great presentation when served, and it is truly "gourmet" quality..
  • Home gardeners who have grown and sampled this Mr. Mini Mirai have raved about its high quality. We picked, cooked and served 500 free ears of Mr. Mini Mirai at the Rochester Public Market. Just about every taste tester commented to me that it was the very best corn they had ever eaten..
  • We had a box of Mr. Mini Mirai in a cooler in Illinois for about two weeks. We shipped it to a cottage in Indiana for a summer picnic that weekend. The results were exactly the same…the very best corn they had ever eaten, and it was two weeks old!
Mr. Mini Mirai is a supersweet type, so it needs warm soil for proper germination. For professional growers, it will be important for them to sample it to their customers. For home gardeners, you will never find a sweet corn variety any better than our Mr. Mini Mirai. I personally guarantee it. Plant this one for ultimate satisfaction.

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