Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr. Mini Mirai wins hands down!

We have completed our product launch of Mr. Mini Mirai in the Rochester area. We sampled 500 cooked ears with consumers at the Rochester Public Market and mailed a dozen ears to 50 of our e-mail subscribers to sample at their dinner table.

The Public Market…everyone that stopped by at our booth to try this wonderful and unique supersweet raved about its quality. Time and time again we heard the taste testers say that it was the very best sweet corn they have ever consumed. We kind of expected that response but it was good to hear the taste testers confirm what we actually believe.

Mr. Mini Mirai by mailorder…the response from these folks was much the same. Most of these taste testers ranked this variety as a 9 or 10, with 10 being the very best. We were concerned that this ear size might be too small for families, but most everyone preferred the smaller ear as it fits on the plate.
Mr. Mini Mirai has a place in the marketplace. Growers and home gardeners should strongly consider making this variety part of their production plans for next season.

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