Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It’s one great corn!

Our Mr. Mini Mirai sweet corn variety is really taking off in Rochester. A local wholesale distributor, Giambrone Foods, is featuring it in his August promotions as the very best sweet corn variety available today. He has placed it with the finest private golf courses and restaurants in the area and the patrons and chefs are raving about the quality of Mr. Mini Mirai. They love it because it also fits on a serving plate.

Harris Seeds was at the Rochester Public Market on Saturday, August 21st from 11AM to 1 PM offering free taste tests to the visitors at the market. During the taste tests, we heard nothing but praise for the eating quality of Mr. Mini Mirai. We also had 50 households sign up to receive a free sample in the mail to test on their dinner tables. We will be publishing more information on what we learn from this new sweet corn product launch, so stay tuned.

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